Workshops on Child Protection for partners abroad

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 10 % of all boys and 20 % of all girls become victims of sexual violence. Also, physical assaults, such as Corporal punishment or other violent educational methods are still widespread. International and local development cooperation and humanitarian aid organisations often have insufficient structures and systems to protect the children successfully. Preventive measures and a professional case management system often do not exist. Affected children are not adequately cared for, incidents are pursued insufficiently, and the perpetrators are not consistently held accountable.

For that reason, we offer a training programme for development and humanitarian aid organisations that has helped us to train more than 650 organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Anchor the topic of child protection efficiently in your work!

Our leaflets offering information are available in English and Spanish.

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The training is held by experienced regional trainers together with the assigned local trainer to take the specific cultural context into account. Request your non-binding offer here.

  • Training content

    Module 1 (3 days)

    Objective: The participants have full knowledge to develop an own Child Protection Policy for their organisation.

    Key aspects:

    • The cultural and legal framework of children’s rights and child protection
    • Types of abuse and maltreatment, attitudes and values, definitions
    • Identification of risks and risk management
    • Elements of a Child Protection Policy
    • Preventive strategies (Code of Conduct and Standards for Communication)
    • Case Management System (functions, processes, protection of victims etc.)


    Module 2 (4 days)

    Objective: The participants are able to implement their child protection systems together with children.

    Key aspects:

    • Implementation of the preventive measures and case management
    • The local child protection system
    • The concept of child participation
    • Child protection initiatives at project level
    • Selection of co-workers
    • Children’s participation in the child protection system


    Module 3 (3 days)

    Objective: The participants exchange experiences and identify starting points to develop the governmental child protection system.

    Key aspects:

    • Exchanging of learning experiences gained during the implementation
    • Achievements and challenges for case management
    • Experiences related to child protection initiatives at project level
    • Monitoring of the implementation of the Child Protection Policy
    • Online Child Protection
    • National Child Protection System
  • Training concept

    In three sequential training modules, your partner organisation abroad learns to develop their own child protection policy and to implement it successfully. The programme is based on a practice-oriented mix of methods and includes not only expert inputs but also practical exercises for the participants based on realistic scenarios and examples from the respective country. The centrepiece of the training concept is an implementation phase accompanied by the local trainers after each workshop. During this several months long phase, the training content is implemented.

  • Organisational consulting – we are happy to help!

    Kindernothilfe has a wide range of experience in the development of institutional child protection systems, which include both different preventive measures and a consistent case management. For that reason, we offer professional process consulting for interested organisations which wish to improve or develop their own child protection system. This applies both to organisations working in development cooperation and humanitarian aid and to their partners abroad.

  • Here we have already conducted our training

    Latin America & the Caribbean


    Asia & East Europe

    -       Bolivia

    -       Brazil

    -       Chile

    -       Ecuador

    -       Guatemala

    -       Haiti

    -       Honduras

    -       Peru

    -       Ethiopia

    -       Burundi

    -       Kenya

    -       Malawi

    -       Mozambique

    -       Rwanda

    -       Zambia

    -       Zimbabwe

    -       Somaliland

    -       South Africa

    -       Swaziland

    -       Tanzania

    -       Uganda

    -       Bangladesh

    -       India

    -       Indonesia

    -       Lebanon

    -       Nepal

    -       Myanmar

    -       Pakistan

    -       Philippines

    -       Sri Lanka

    -       Thailand

    -       Vietnam

That’s what international organisations say

That’s what international organisations say

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Our trainers worldwide

Our trainers worldwide

"Training & Consulting" has a broad international network of trainers. We would like to introduce you to our regional trainers, who conduct the workshops together with local trainers in the different countries.

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