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Protecting and educating street children

Bangladesh: In the cities, many people live in densely populated slums. They sleep in huts or out on the street. Rural migrants flee abject poverty in the countryside in the hope of finding a better life in urban areas. Families and communities often are separated, leaving an increasing number of children to grow up alone and in poverty. In the capital Dhaka alone an estimated 190,000 children between the ages of five and 14 live on the streets. Our partner organisation, the Dhaka Ahsania Mission, gives street children food, accommodation and an opportunity to get an education. Please support our project with a donation!

More and more children are living on the streets

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Children have a right to protection.

An estimated 380,000 Bangladeshi children between the ages of five and 14 live on the streets with tendency to rise, more than half of them in Dhaka. This development is fuelled by poverty, abuse and families that are torn apart. The health of these children is at risk. They are malnourished and exposed to abuse and the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases. They survive on the streets by pickpocketing, begging, selling drugs and working in sweatshops. They earn money as porters and street hawkers, clean shoes and collect rubbish. Many children and young people become victims of child trafficking and child prostitution.

The children are robbed of many of their rights, such as the right to an appropriate standard of living, education, recreation, playing and relaxation. To make matters worse, they are exposed to drugs, abuse and exploitation.

Our Support

The Dhaka Ahsania Mission is one of the largest aid organisations in Bangladesh. Founded in 1958, the Mission works in a wide range of areas such as health, education, poverty reduction, climate protection, clean drinking water, agriculture and HIV prevention.

Our project helps 100 street children, boys and girls, between the ages of six and eight including:

  • Orphans who live on the streets
  • Children who live with relatives but are neglected and out on the streets during the day
  • Children with only one surviving parent who has to work all day, leaving the children to roam the streets
  • Begging children
Three girls of a project in Dhaka. (Source: Ute Rabenau)
Overcome poverty through education.

What we do to help

In the newly established Ahsania Mission Children City (AMCC) children receive holistic care that revolves around accommodation, education and support measures.

  • The children live on site and receive food and clothing, medical care and can take part in recreational activities.
  • The children are given an opportunity to attend school until they graduate secondary education.
  • The children's personality development is enhanced through seminars and programmes.
  • Psychosocial therapy aids the children to cope with past traumas.
  • Regular events and parties help the children to reintegrate into the community.
  • Vocational education focusing on agriculture helps the children to prepare for an independent life in which they earn enough to support themselves.

What we intend to achieve

The children should grow up in a secure environment, get enough to eat and receive healthcare. At the same time, they should have an opportunity to improve their academic performances and develop their talents. The project seeks to positively influence the children’s attitudes, values and behaviour. Furthermore, the Dhaka Ahsania Mission Children City works hand-in-hand with state and non-governmental organisations and networks to champion children's rights.

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How we protect children

How we protect children

Kindernothilfe supports numerous protection programs and makes every effort to prevent the children involved in its projects abroad and in its German-based activities from sexual abuse and maltreatment.

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How we promote education

How we promote education

Some 57 million children worldwide are still unable to attend school. Each of these children is in danger of being drawn into a vicious cycle of inadequate educational opportunities and abject poverty. We have made education the main focus of our work.

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