Dried vegetable. (Source: Jakob Studnar)

Emergency assistance for drought victims

Large stretches of Ethiopia are suffering from the worst drought in over 30 years. More than 10 million people are threatened by a devastating famine, and children and pregnant women are particularly at risk. Kindernothilfe is supplying €300,000 in emergency assistance.

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The regions affected by the drought.

The ground is bone dry. The last rainy season was far too short in the country on the Horn of Africa. The soil is so parched that in some regions up to 90 percent of the harvest has been destroyed.

Ethiopia is often hit by drought, but this year the situation has been exacerbated by the El Niño weather phenomenon. While El Niño is largely responsible for a lack of rain in the north-eastern part of the country, it has occasionally produced heavy rainfalls and floods in the south. However, the hard, parched soil cannot absorb the heavy rains and the seeds are simply washed away.

How we help

Working together with partner organizations, Kindernothilfe has launched a number of emergency response measures. Our partner organizations are distributing food in the affected regions and ensuring that pregnant women and malnourished children receive high-calorie meals. The drought has forced many boys and girls to stop attending school. Their parents have to spend all of their income on food, leaving not enough money for school. These children now receive school materials from Kindernothilfe. This helps to preserve their right to education. Feed and livestock are being distributed to farmers as a medium-term step so they can subsist until the next rain.

We need your support so we can quickly help these starving people. Please help out with a donation:

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