Working girl in Indonesia (Source: Lennart Zech)

Time to Talk!: Girls and boys experience child labor very differently

When it comes to child labor, the experiences girls and boys have a quite different. We wanted to find out more about the different living conditions and consulted 1822 working children and young people across Asia, Africa and Latin America as part of the Time to Talk! campaign. Their responses clearly show gender-relevant differences and observations that have implications for policy and practice.

Among a wide range of factors that influence the type of work, the report now presented also highlights protection and risk factors. For example, being a boy is identified as a protective factor in some sociocultural contexts, but in other contexts it is considered to be a risk factor due to higher expectations for boys to perform heavy work. In terms of gender differences, it is also clear that girls face an increased risk of experiencing sexual harassment and abuse because their work is more often done in seclusion. 

In contrast, the reasons and motivations for children and young people to work are mostly similar. The new publication from the Time to Talk! Campaign which was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) takes a detailed look at ten key gender-specific findings. The document is available in Spanish, English and German. 

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