(Source: Kindernothilfe partner)

Kindernothilfe calls for equitable global provision of vaccine capacities to reduce the spread of the corona pandemic

(Duisburg, 11.11.2020) Even before the possible approval of the promising corona vaccine BNT162b2, Kindernothilfe is calling for global thinking in the provision of capacities and not to insist too much on national and European interests. "If the virus is to be contained worldwide, we must also act globally from the very beginning," says Katrin Weidemann, CEO of Kindernothilfe.  

This means, Weidemann continued, that countries in which corona is particularly widespread and which have a weak health system should be given sufficient vaccine capacities. "We all have great expectations of the new vaccine. But that should not prevent us from fulfilling the global commitment we made when we recognized Agenda 2030 for sustainable development," said Weidemann. In concrete terms, this means that children and adults in refugee camps in Greece, for example, who are exposed to the virus without the necessary hygiene measures and under the worst conditions, should not be forgotten. 

The supply contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and the European Commission are already on the way. The danger that the industrialized countries will divide the market among themselves before there is even an approved vaccine is within reach. Weidemann fears that the interests of the developing and emerging countries would fall by the wayside.

"As a result of this approach, the poorer countries are once again dependent solely on the generosity of the international community. Our government, in particular Federal Minister Jens Spahn, should support initiatives of the World Health Organization and the European Union by taking active and binding action and thus also enable the countries of the South to have access to affordable vaccines."