At the Greek-Turkish border:
Instead of isolation, we need an European policy on children's and human rights 

(Duisburg/Lesbos, 03.03.2020) Also due to the consequences of a completely failed European refugee policy thousands of children and adults are waiting at the Turkish-Greek border. "It is simply unbearable to know that tonight children will once again be sitting with their parents completely soaked and desperate in the mud, hoping to reach Europe", says Carsten Montag, Board member of Kindernothilfe. "Instead of a policy of isolation, we need quick help and an European policy of children's and human rights," Montag continues.

Last week, Turkey unilaterally ended the EU refugee pact after Turkish soldiers were killed in air raids in Idlib. At the same time, Greece is revoking the Refugee Convention: On the Greek islands, tens of thousands of people live in inhumane conditions in excessively overcrowded refugee camps. Kindernothilfe's partner organization 'Stand by me Lesvos' reports about catastrophic hygienic conditions and starving children in the largest European refugee camp Moria. Civil war-like conditions and the fear of the outbreak of a pandemic increase the pressure. 

"To abuse the refugees as a means of political pressure is absolutely reprehensible. We condemn this in the strongest terms and call on our government to no longer tolerate it," said Montag. "Sad as it is, an European solution to the refugee question is not in sight. But the European partners, who stand up for humanity and human rights, could make a start and take in children and adults who are particularly in need of protection," said Montag.