(Source: Jakob Studnar)

Syrian refugees in Lebanon are feeling forgotten

Marie-Claude Souaid from Kindernothilfe's partner organization ALPHA, a Lebanese non profit organization, reports on the current situation of Syrian refugees in the country.

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(Source: Katrin Weidemann)

Tejosh Halder: From a foster child to an exceptional artist

When Tejosh from Bangladesh formed figures from mud as a small boy, his parents had no idea that he would one day be a famous sculptor. Thanks to his Kindernothilfe foster mother from Munich, he was able to visit a Kindernothilfe project.

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At the Greek-Turkish border: We need an European policy on children's and human rights

(Duisburg/Lesbos, 03.03.2020) Also due to the consequences of a completely failed European refugee policy thousands of children and adults are waiting at the Turkish-Greek border.

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Pupils in Collège Verena. (Source: Kindernothilfepartner)

Haiti 10 years after the earthquake: "Schools are standing, but we need a functioning state at last"

(Duisburg/Port-au-Prince, 08.01.20) On 12 January 2010, the earth shook so devastatingly in the southeast of Haiti that the Caribbean state has not recovered from it to this day.

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(Source: Fabian Strauch)

Children need to be more involved

As a study by Kindernothilfe shows, representatives of local non-governmental organizations and child rights activists around the world see increasing inequality and violence, population development and climate change as the greatest threats to future generations.

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Rolf-Robert Heringer (Source: Jakob Studnar)

Kindernothilfe mourns the loss of Rolf-Robert Heringer (71)

During his 41 years of service at Kindernothilfe, Rolf-Robert Heringer was always driven by the appreciation of children and their often difficult living conditions. He died on 12 November after a long and serious illness.

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Ysrael Diloy (Source: Lorenz Töpperwien)

Interview with Ysrael Diloy: Can you learn child protection?

Since 2012, Ysrael Diloy has been a regional child protection trainer for our Asian project partners and has a lot of experience in making organisations fit for child protection.

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