That’s what international organisations say

Here are some quotes from international partner organisations that have already benefited from our training:


"What makes the Child Protection Capacity Building Program of Kindernothilfe special is that the participating organisations are accompanied and supported by specialists between the different workshops. This ensures that the training contents are directly put into practice."

Werner Küpper, ChildFund Deutschland e.V.


"The training programme of Kindernothilfe is practice-oriented, varied and is carried out by experienced local trainers. Our participating partner organisations now have a consistent protection system that is implemented with the involvement of children."

Tanja Abubakar-Funkenberg, terre des hommes, Deutschland


 "Promundo's child protection policy is more than a document that you read and sign; it's a commitment we all have that guides us in our daily work."

Norma E. Silva Sá, Instituto Promundo, Brasilien


“World Relief Malawi appreciates the Child Protection capacity building activities. This has helped us to understand child rights, develop a child protection policy for our organization and design child protection projects and interventions together with rural communities.”

Gibson Nkanaunena, World Relief Malawi


“Thanks to Kindernothilfe. As Childline Zimbabwe, we managed to review our own internal child safeguarding policy enabling us to better identify and effectively respond to child safeguarding issues especially those involving staff members within our organisation.”

Claudius Chigaba, Childline Zimbabwe


“One of the CPI’s positive outcomes in 2017 was a Child Protection Cartoon which concerns the safety in the daily life of the children at the orphanage.After producing the cartoon, the behavior of the children improved. They know better how to protect themselves and how to handle risky situations. The next project in 2018 will be a cartoon on Child Online Safety.”

Barbara Meisl, Baan Dooi, Thailand


Pictorial guidelines and information on child protection are prominently displayed in the organization’s central office in Islamabad. Child rights and child protection are now cross cutting themes in all project’s designed by Pak Mission Society.

Adeel Rehmat, Pak Mission Society, Pakistan


“[Now] RDF has an integrated child protection policy, that is a fundamental part of the organization’s human resource, procurement, finance and program management procedures.”

Ashfaque Soomro, RDF, Pakistan


“Development of CPP facilitated by KNH has helped Saibaan provide its staff to protect children’s rights in their project areas, develop mechanisms to respond child rights violation issues in the working area and improve compliance. Having developed CPP the staff is now better aware and capacitated to work on child protection issues.”

Zahoor Ahmed, Saibaan, Pakistan


“KNH has trained our partners in Vietnam, India and Ethiopia. They found the workshops very useful and gave us the following feedback: "During this program we noticed that we knew very little about child protection. The information was an eye-opener and has changed our mind-set.”

Eva-Maria Rask, AC, Schweden



“The KNH Capacity-Building Programme helped to formalise Scripture Union South Africa’s existing Child Protection programme, in a way that was challenging, encouraging, stretching, developing and life-giving! Thank you, KNH!”

Rob Mackay, Scripture Union Lifeskills Education Initiative, South Africa




Workshops on Child Protection for partners abroad

Workshops on Child Protection for partners abroad

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Our trainers worldwide

Our trainers worldwide

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