Mother and child staying in front of a wall painting that shows an armed policeman. (Source:Jürgen Schübelin)

Brazil: Kindernothilfe supports targeted investments in socially troubled areas

(Duisburg, 18 August, 2015) Domestic violence, sexual assaults and discrimination against entire segments of the population: Kindernothilfe reports blatant children's and human rights violations in Brazil. The visit by the German chancellor and no less than seven of her ministers to the largest country in South America must be used to urge investments in the areas of education, youth work and preventing violence, says Kindernothilfe in the run-up to the first German-Brazilian government consultations.

"Many girls and boys grow up in a climate of brutality, crime and fear", says Jürgen Schübelin, Head of the Latin America and Caribbean desk at Kindernothilfe. The expert on Brazil says: "Brutality and the all-too-quick recourse to violence are often a direct result of poverty, exclusion and a lack of opportunities — with all its devastating consequences for entire urban regions". Furthermore, the incompetence and indifference of the relevant government agencies exacerbates the conditions in many favelas, as Brazil's urban slums are called.

As an organisation that champions children's rights, Kindernothilfe calls for sincere support of the poorest segments of the population by politicians who must have more to offer than the usual range of repressive and police strategies. "We need targeted investments, particularly in socially troubled areas", says Schübelin. He urges more money to be spent for good public schools and motivated teachers, along with more efforts to organise vocational training programmes for young people from urban areas. Schübelin is calling for more public resources for popular sports and city district cultural work and much closer cooperation along with more funding for NGOs and neighborhood organisations that are committed to defending the rights of children and young people. "This is the only way to pursue a high-profile and effective working strategy to prevent violence", he says. In addition to environmental technology and climate policy, these issues will also be on the agenda of the two-day government consultations among leading politicians from Germany and Brazil.


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